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    Umrah is one of the most beautiful Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). This is a particular act of worship that now millions of Muslims do throughout the year. It is done with intensity, love, desire and gratitude. Umrah is a spiritual journey to the house of Allah and in return there are rewards for the travelers. The journey will be one of the most beloved journeys of your life. This is guaranteed. It is such a blessed journey, Umrah is a blessing of Allah. And millions of Muslims need to perform Umrah to enjoy the inner satisfaction and calmness that comes with performing Umrah.

    Deluxe Package

    14 Days Deluxe Umrah Package

    Hotel - Daif Allah Qureshi 400 Mtr

    3 - 5 Person In a Room 

    Direct Flight : Saudi Arabian 


    Price Rs: 48500 onwards

    V I P

    14 Days V I P Umrah Packages

    5* Hotel

    3-4  Person In a Room 

    Direct Flight : Saudi Arabian or Air India

    Price Rs: 115000 onwards

    Budget Packge

    14 Days Umrah Budget Package

    Our Own Hotel Daif Allah Qureshi

    Buffet Meals only above 25 pax

    3-5 person in a room


    Price Rs: 455000 onwards


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