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  • Star haj Package

    once again takes pleasure to invite you to join our popular star Special Group Haj Tour programs in which more than thousand hajjis have already travelled. Insha-Allah, in the same way, this year also we promise you that the whole program shall be executed to your entire satisfaction for which we have earned the reputation of last so many years.

    Day  1st to 5th

    Arrive at Hajj Terminal Jeddah Airport, Saudi Arabia.  Clear the Immigration & customs collect your luggage, you will be directed outside the arrival terminal .In this area you have to submit the Hajj Draft and passport. Then we start moving to Makkah. From 1st to 5th day we will stay in Aziziyah Building near Mina and about 02 miles to Al Haram (10 minutes by vehicle but with the crowd it may take longer). Our dear Pilgrims are staying there dividing accommodation, male and female staying separately (4/5 people per room)

    Day 5th  day 15

    Due to the huge number of Hajji (Masha Allah around 3 million ) all movining toward Mina on the 6th day as the Saudi Authority is in charge of the movement of the Hajji, so everyone should be at Aziziyah appartment just after Isha, we will move when the bus provided by the Ministry of Hajj arrive at our accommodation, We will stay in tent provided by Moassasa with sofa bed and pillows. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, tea- coffee will be provided that day. On the Day of Arafat the 9th day of the Thul Hijja and when the sun rises, we go to Arafat and stay there until sunset. This is the greatest Day of the year which Allah forgives in that day much more than any other days, so brothers and sisters don't miss this opportunity and make as many supplications as possible while facing the Qibla. The Prophet-may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him-prayed thus: "There is no Deity but Allah alone. He has no partner. All dominion and praise are His and He is powerful over all things. At sunset we go from Arafat to Muzdalifah and there we pray Maghrib and Isha, combined as soon as we arrive to Muzdalifah. We remain there, in Muzdalifah, making supplications and remembering Allah till Fajr prayer. There is no tent in Muzdalifah so we advise all our Hajjis to have a sleeping bag. Breakfast and dinner provided that day.We have to spend this night in Muzdalifa - it is wajib (complusory) - and as soon as we arrive we have to pray Maghreb and Isha combined. In Muzdalifa there no tent, it is an open yard, so you need a sleeping bag for this night,We will stay in Mina till the 13th day of Thul Hajja as the Prophet (SAW) did. Each day we stone the three Jamrat in the afternoon1st day of Stoning. Leave Muzdalifa for Mina after fajar, rest for a short period and leave to stone the Jamaraat.,For Tawaf 'e Ziyarat you can do this on any of the 3 days of stoning,2nd day of Stoning. After Dhur Prayer leave to stoning of the Jamaraat and return to the tents in Mina 3rd and final day of Stoning. After Dhur Prayer leave for stoning the Jamarat last day of stoning and return to AziziyahDay 13 rest day and day 14  Check-in to Makkah Hotel ,day 15 rest day

    Day 16th to Day 26th

    spent  time in Makkah al-Mukkaramah and Complimentary Ziyarat of Makkah

    Day 27st to day 35

    Check out of your hotel and leave for Madinah after Fajr,  Arrive to Madinah al-Munawarra. Check-in to Madinah Hotel, Complimentary Ziyarat of Madinah al-Munnawara.

    Day 36th

    Leave Madinah al-Munawarra for Jeddah Airport

    Day 37

    Arrival Home country 


    Rates Valid Till July 15 2018

    Star haj Package

    Package Includes :

    • Provision of Hajj Visa and Moulim Draft.
    • All Daily Meals : As per Meal Plan of Hotels.
    • Complimentary Laundry Service. (Not in Mina and Azizia)
    • Internal Transportation by Government / Moulim Coaches.

    Package does not Include ::

    • Qurbani is not included, though can be arranged upon request and extra cost.
    • Transportation for Tawaf-e-Ziarat is NOT included.
    • If you travel other than programme and / or Group Dates, individually and / or travel by private Taxi in Saudi Arabia you will incur and pay for additional transportation charge which is also subject to the Rules and Regulation of Ministry of Haj, Saudi Arabia.
    • Room service is not available in Azizia.
    • Excess Baggage other than weight allowance at the Airport.

    Important Note :

    • The Tour Cost is based on calculation of Saudi Riyal 1 = Rs. 17.50/- and Airfare of 50,000/-
    • Any increase in above will be borne and paid by the Haji Before Departure.
    • Quint Sharing Room will be available only for Family of Five People.
    • Service Tax 3.09% is applicable and not included in above package.
    • Stay in AZIZIA will be 8-10 Days
    • Food in Mina will be Moullim Food.
    • Flight will be Direct


    You can choose following airline for this package

    Saudi Airlines

    Direct Flight : Yes 

    Travel Time :- 5 - 6 Hours 

    Meals : Yes

    Baggage : 30 Kg + 7 Kg 

    Gulf Air

    Via : Bahrain 

    Waiting Period :-  2 to 4 Hour

    Meals : Yes

    Baggage : 30 Kg + 7 Kg 

    Emirates Airlines

    Via : Dubai 

    Waiting Period :  - 2 to 4 Hours 

    Meals : Available 

    Baggage ; 30 KG + 7 KG 

    Kuwait Airways

    Via : Kuwait 

    Waiting Period :  - 2 to 5 Hours 

    Meals : Available 

    Baggage ; 30 KG + 7 KG 

    Oman Airways

    Via : Muscat 

    Waiting Period :  - 2 to 5 Hours 

    Meals : Available 

    Baggage ; 30 KG + 7 KG 

    Ethihad Airways




    BAGGAGE ; 30 KG + 7 KG 

    Srilankan Airline

    via : Colombo

    waiting period :  - 2 to 3 hours 

    meals : available 

    baggage ; 30 kg + 7 kg 

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